Support Local Businesses


Support Local Businesses
Wow! Hasn't everything changed, including how we shop!? Gone are the days of freely wandering around the shops without these awful face-masks (which aside from anything else irritatingly steam up my glasses!!) and as a result so many of us are now choosing to buy online; but are you concerned about what you buy and who you buy from? How do you know which sites you can trust so you won't lose your money? But have you thought about the impact if the majority of people move to buying online how will our local businesses cope, particularly our local shops and the inevitable impact to our communities as a result? So with Christmas looming, and to spread a little extra joy, let's start thinking about supporting our local businesses instead. Whilst the need to help the independent business community is most immediately obvious, the benefits of shopping small extend beyond these initial times of crisis. Instead of boosting the larger companies such as Amazon and the companies that have enjoyed record sales due to online purchases due to the pandemic, let's make a conscious effort to support our local businesses going forward; let's face it they all desperately need our help more than ever to ensure they are here next year and for years to come. For example you could pay now and give the enjoyment of vouchers or gift cards later, a wonderful gift that could be from the independent bookstore, small coffee house, gift store or even Your Little Secret Bridal Boutique to help contribute to your loved ones wedding or just make a conscious effort to visit your local shops. Small businesses are so important to the economic and social fabric of our society and we can all play a part in their survival. Another way to support our wonderful local businesses is a Shout Out to Help Out, a review or referral on Social Media goes such a long way. So if you have had a great experience maybe from your local electrician or builder please do a google or facebook review or just tell everyone on social media; give other people the comfort of knowing their local business is worth your trust and it's such an easy thing to do from the comfort of your sofa. Let's make the rest of 2020 the start of rebuilding our local communities and spreading some much needed joy for us all.

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