Can you keep a Secret?

  Shh! Can you keep a secret? Our used wedding dresses look as good as new… No matter the history of a dress, each one can be transformed by a different bride. Since a wedding dress is only ever worn once, it’s unlikely to suffer much wear and tear, and we make sure all our dresses are in perfect condition so you can be confident that your dream dress is as amazing as you are. Our pre-loved dresses are all fabulous; nobody would guess they’re second hand. And if you don't want a pre-loved dress, we have new ones too. If you’re searching for a wedding dress boutique in Petersfield, simply head to My Little Secret. With us, buying a...

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Wedding Costs

According to experts, the average wedding now costs in the region of £20,000. That’s one big financial outgoing for any family! From a splendid cake to catering for all your guests, it’s no wonder the price racks up. But with many young couples struggling to get on the property ladder, spending this much on one day can seem excessive. Many newlyweds are even starting off married life in debt, resulting in 1 in 8 couples selling items from their gift list to make money. According to The Telegraph, more than half of newlyweds think costs have spiralled out of control. However, there’s no doubt weddings are a wonderful celebration of life and love. Everybody wants their special day to be...

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